What do I need to know when choosing a fragrance?

As well as the obvious ‘budget question’ there are few more things to consider when choosing a fragrance.

Do your research!

Look up fragrances you like and what ingredients they contain, try to isolate the ones you like and then look for fragrances with similar ingredients.

When are you likely to wear the fragrance?

Is it an everyday perfume you are after or are you after something for a special occasion – something more memorable? This should help you decide what mixture of ingredients is best fit for the purpose.

What time of day/year will the fragrance be worn?

For daytime use an EDT is usually more suitable because it is more subtle, for an evening perfume an EDP may have more benefit for its lasting power. This will differ slightly with every individual fragrance as well as individual wearer.

What type of perfume do you normally like?

Do you want to stick to the same family (oriental, woody, floral etc) or do you want to experiment with new or related families and ingredients?