Most concentrated type of fragrance which is also the thickest liquid, therefore it usually comes in smaller bottles and are applied straight onto the skin onto your wrists or neck area. Because of the thick consistency they are the slowest releasing and longest lasting type of fragrance.

Eau De Perfume (EDP)

Less concentrated than a Perfume but still highly concentrated fragrance which means its lasting power on the skin should be longer than EDT. Please note this depends on the individual personal chemistry of the wearer as well as the outside conditions. Most EDPs come in a spray form.

Eau De Toilette (EDT)

Probably the most common type of body fragrance, it is not as concentrated as EDP and usually comes with a spray applicator. It can found in both Ladies’ and Men’s fragrances. There are some unisex fragrances available on the market; which are also EDTs.

Eau De Cologne (EDC)

Eau De Cologne is not a very common these days and has been replaced by EDTs in the recent years. This type of fragrance has got the shortest lasting power due to the way it has been put together. Aftershave As oppose to the above three (which are meant for wrists, neck and/or crook of your arms) an Aftershave is meant for facial skin. It contains less alcohol than the other types of fragrances because it is intended for use on facial skin. It usually comes in a splash rather than a spray.

Perfumed Lotions, Shower Gels and Other Products

These usually accompany the fragrance in all sorts of gift packs and combination. The reason for manufacturers to make these is that they accompany the fragrance and may help intensify the impact of the fragrance on your skin.